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  • URL Shortener Security - FRIGHTENING! November 22, 2017
    If you've ever used Google's URL Shortener, you will probably have glanced over the little disclaimer "All URLs and click analytics are public and can be accessed by anyone".  It's not like I have state secrets to protect, but I've never actually thought someone would bother finding and opening the shortened URL I just […]
  • How do you motivate Grade 9's to take CAT November 21, 2017
    I thought I'd share the methods I use to motivate Grade 9's to take CAT. Before I started at the school, the uptake rate of CAT as a subject, was about 30% of our learners per grade. I campaigned in 2015 and got 62% of the learners to sign up, was too sick to run […]
  • CAT & Merit bursary November 21, 2017
    Did you know some universities subtract 10% off students' CAT marks before calculating their average for merit bursaries and hostel admissions? I know NWU does this.  Have you come across any other Universities doing this and how can we rectify this unjust practice?!
  • Activities for Gr 9 Learners November 20, 2017
    Dear fellow CAT Teachers Our CAT marks in Grade 10-12 are very low. I must say I feel like a big failure this year, (my first year). I gave it my best. but ja. What can I do to introduce this subject in grade 9 to prepare them for grade 10. Is there some sort of […]
  • Relational Tables & Forms November 16, 2017
    (not curriculum related) I'm making a basic inventory for our book store in Access with related tables. Ok, so there is a "Handboeke" (Textbooks) table that has (among others) a "Uitgewer" (Publisher) field. The values for this field are populated from the "Uitgewers" table.  So, what I'm struggling with, is on the form's side. I […]