Ransomware infographic

For teachers interested in adding some more resources for their students, here is an infographic on Ransomware from datafirst.co.za

Grade 11 Excel IF test

A very quick and basic IF test in Excel. Includes formatting of cells. Download the files here

University and APS calculations

The APS (Admissions Points System) scores determines whether or not a students meets the minimum entry requirements to be accepted into a University to continue […]


Tech-Time : 3D Scanning

Most of us are pretty familiar with 3D printing at this point, but how do we create¬† true-to-life digital versions of physical objects? Enter 3D […]


Free Poster for Members : October 2016

Members of Tech Teachers get a free poster (or two) each month. Below is a smaller versions of this month’s poster. The full, high-quality file […]