Sep 19, 2019
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Recording IT, ICT and CAT lessons in Microsoft Teams

by Charlotte Fourie in Guest Blogs

By Charlotte Fourie For the first three years of being an IT and CAT teacher, I scheduled extra classes for learners who missed lessons (you know, those that always have to leave school early for sports and that one learner who is always sick) and extra workshops for learners at risk on Saturdays or during holidays, but at the start [...]

Microbit tutorials

Microbit tutorials

10 Microbit tasks – PDFs and Code

Here is a collection of tasks I created to go along with the Microbit tutorials (see the Microbit tutorials category). My learners all had access in their OneNote notebooks, I am sharing this with whoever […]


Matthew's Blog

The morph transition in PowerPoint

A fantastic slide transition tool to use with PowerPoint is the morph transition. It takes the objects on a slide and then animates them automatically to their new positions/sizes on the next slide. It definitely […]

Word of the Week

Word of the Week

Word of the Week : Trojan Horse

A trojan horse is a program that appears useful but is, in fact, malicious that tricks a user to install it. Unexpected changes to computer settings and unusual activity, even when the computer should be idle, […]