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  • Let's talk about the PAT!!! September 14, 2018
    The PAT is always a point of contention with many teachers. Let's talk about it here. What should we change? What is not working? What can we improve? What should take out? What should we, if we need to, add in? Why is the PAT an issue for so many teachers?
  • Information regarding online courses for CAT and beginner IT September 11, 2018
    Hi as a new B. Ed Fet CAT teacher I've decided that I need to get more papers behind my name, but I would like some input regarding training courses I can do online to get more qualifications behind my name. I would like to start with IT where can I start with online classes […]
  • Marking Gauteng Prelim 2018 P1 August 30, 2018
    Resolved - 1 mark for link Ok, so I know not many people use the forum, but this is the perfect place to discuss marking a specific exam - what do we award marks for and what not. So here goes the first question: Q2.9 - question asked "Insert the 2Standing file found in your […]
  • Setup Squid with user authentication and restricted sites August 14, 2018
    Well my lab in the Western Cape isn't centralized yet (Thank goodness), but I've started experiencing some difficulties with my proxy server Freeproxy after a few users connect to the internet the proxy server fail to respond and I need to restart it. I decided to try out squid and got it running with basic […]