Don’t give in to ransomware – prepare your system Excerpt : “Ransomware is an increasingly popular means for malware authors to extort money from people, […]

The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers

From : http://chronicle.com/article/The-4-Properties-of-Powerful/228483/ I read the article (linked to above) and really enjoyed the points. I thought I should share it here with you. I […]

Microbit test

Along with the videos that I am making, introducing the Microbit and basic coding with the online interface, I have also made a Microbit test […]

Delphi : Unit 5.3: Exploring Form Events

In this tutorial, Gerhard demonstrates how to write code for different events of a Delphi Form. These include the OnCreate, OnClick, OnActivate, and OnDeactivate events. […]