Assessment materials added for Grade 10 CAT

I have added two more assessments to the Tech Teachers shared folders. These are for Grade 10 CAT learners.

Grade 10 Cycle Test (for next term) covering MS Word skills such as :

  • Hyperlinks and bookmarks
  • Columns
  • Commenting and using the Review tab
  • Working with Styles

The Cycle test includes a marking grid in Excel format and a completed sample document in PDF and editable Word formats.

Screenshot of testI have also created a very quick Grade 10 Excel class test (10 marks) to cover the COUNT functions in Excel. As I use Study Opportunities as our main textbook, this test covers the first few activities of Chapter 4.3 in the Analysing Data section. The answers are automatically marked in hidden columns for you!

Where to find them

If you are already linked in on and I’m sharing my folders with you, go to

\CAT\Assessments\Cycle Tests\Grade10\2013\…TERM4_2013_MHAINS.ZIP — for the cycle test

\CAT\Assessments\General Assessments\Grade10\…EXCELCount — for the Excel functions test

If you are a teacher and are not linked on and sharing folders, go here to find out more.

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