Development in CAT

We might think that development in computers are left to the Information Technology. How wrong we are. The CAPS introduced HTML to us. Although very limited, I cannot pass up the opportunity to say that development finally arrived for CAT.


How do we go about developing in CAT?

Easy, grab Notepad++, download a few icons from Open Icon library, as PNG’s of course, some images, mix with HTML and CSS and you have a web page that can become an app for a tablet/smart phone!

Most of the technology for ePub, and apps for smart mobile devices are based on the technology of HTML. A collection of html pages can become an eBook, and add some JavaScript (not really CAT style) will become an app.

OK, I am interested. How do I go about making an eBook?

You may use Calibre, which is an open source implementation for creating an eBook.

If you want to make your HTML pages into an app, use Reload from MoSync. Yes, you do need to download the app from the lay or app store, but you can develop locally and run the app on the tablet using MoSync.

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