The C.A.T. & I.T. Teachers Facebook Group

The C.A.T. & I.T. Teachers Facebook group is a group for teachers of Information Technology and Computer Applications Technology.

Professional network

This group exists for teachers and educational professionals in South Africa. Its purpose is for teachers to support each other with content, advice and communication. The sharing of experience, giving and requesting of advice, uploading of resources and materials is encouraged. Teachers from all schools, government/private, English, Afrikaans etc.. are welcome provided they are CAT, IT or computer literacy teachers.

As it a closed group, only members who are approved to join can see what is posted in the group. The group, at present, consists of over 400 teachers country-wide and is a lively hub of discussion every day. The focus of the group remains professional and topics are all to do with our subjects and teaching.

Feel free to ask questions and give your input into discussions. It is really a fantastic networking and learning experience for teachers of technology.

How does one join?

Step 1 : If you have a Facebook account, go to the group page.

Step 2 : Click the Join Group button.

Step 3 : Send an email to with your teaching details, contact details for yourself and your school and motivate why you want to join the group.


The administrators of the group reserve the right to deny access to group if they are not positively satisfied that the person is a teacher/educational professional.

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