C.A.T. Terminology Revision Application – Collaboration

Next collaboration project starts NOW! (When you’re NOT marking!)
I have sifted through nearly 1000 words, put them in categories and grades (thanks to Gary Blieden’s spreadsheet) and now I need to add definitions/explanations and a ‘more info’ link.

This sheet is accessible by anyone in the group – do not share – and can be edited by anyone – be careful!

When the database is ready, it is going to be put into an application I am working on in Delphi for everyone to use! The app will be for sale but anyone who contributes in helping gets a free copy!

Go to the sheet, edit away. Please check spelling! And follow the guidelines on the first worksheet! Don’t sort, don’t delete etc.. just add definitions/explanations and a URL (if you can) to a web site/page with more information should the student/teacher require more info.

Only members of the site and the Facebook group will have access.

The rest of this content is available to full members. Full membership of the site is available by either donating R100 on the Donation page, or uploading an activity or assessment that you yourself have created to share with others (on the Upload page).

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