2015 CAT PAT (DoE) – Some notes on approaching the task

“The topic for the Grade 12 PAT for this year – an investigation into the shortage of high school pupils and university students studying in the scientific, technical/technology and engineering fields (the so-called ‘STEM’ crisis) – may at first seem either overwhelming or very abstract.”

“A closer examination of it should bring to light the many possibilities and avenues of exploration that could be investigated. So far from this being perceived as a rather ‘boring’ topic, it will be as well for teachers to get their pupils to embracing it with enthusiasm and energy. It may fairly be said from the outset that the best PATs for 2015 will be those that were approached with the correct attitude, and those that were attempted with the greatest ‘spark’.”

pdf-icon Download the PDF document here that provides some insight as to how to go about starting the PAT with your Matrics, provided by Study Opportunities.

The PAT discussed here is the chosen topic for non-IEB schools but the principles can still be applied to all PATs.

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