About Blogging : For Teachers – Part 2 of 10

What is a blog?

Welcome to my 10-part online series About Blogging : An Introduction for Teachers. It is based on the course I created and delivered in 2014 and includes the notes and resources I made available to the course attendees. Twice a month I post a section of the course on the web site. At the end of the course, I will make available the PowerPoint presentation including the notes used and various resources for members of the Tech Teachers web site.


Part 2 : How Does One Create a Blog?

There are two choices for the teacher here. Paid and free. Each have their own pros and cons. Below I cover both options. For this course, I will focus on creating a FREE blog so that anyone going through this course can put into practice the principles we will cover together.

Creating a Self-hosted (paid-for) Blog
To start blogging properly with the most features available to you, it is preferable to select the paid route.

You will require the following:

A Domain Name

Web Host

Web Space

PHP and SQL knowledge


Creating a Blog for Free

Well, free is always nice BUT you do get what you pay for! Although one can have a free blog, you must be aware of the implications thereof. It is actually VERY easy to get a free blog up and running in minutes!

You will require:

Blog Service Provider Account

Internet Connection

Web browser


Also bear in mind the fact that a Blog Service Provider may reserve the right to own your content and to also place adverts on your posts/pages without your permission. You are using a free service so there will be some freedoms you may have to sacrifice.

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