About Blogging : For Teachers – Part 3(a) of 10

What is a blog?

Welcome to my 10-part online series About Blogging : An Introduction for Teachers. It is based on the course I created and delivered in 2014 and includes the notes and resources I made available to the course attendees. Twice a month I post a section of the course on the web site. At the end of the course, I will make available the PowerPoint presentation including the notes used and various resources for members of the Tech Teachers web site.

Part 3a : Using WordPress

I have chosen to go with WordPress.com as my service provider. It’s open-source and free to use. I have used WordPress for many years in a personal and professional capacity and find it to be one of the best platforms available for blogging and content management online.

An introduction to WordPress

Online Blogging Platform

Content Management System

Flexible and Extensible



Free from WordPress.com

Slide17Let’s look now at the actual backend of WordPress once we’ve logged in to the WP-ADMIN interface.

Here we will go through all the basics of creating content.

This section is split into two parts due to the amount of content to cover.

Using WordPress

The Dashboard

Site 'Control Panel'





Adding an image


Adding a link


Creating a page

Adding a Contact Form

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