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What is a blog?

Welcome to my 10-part online series About Blogging : An Introduction for Teachers. It is based on the course I created and delivered in 2014 and includes the notes and resources I made available to the course attendees. Twice a month I post a section of the course on the web site. At the end of the course, I will make available the PowerPoint presentation including the notes used and various resources for members of the Tech Teachers web site.

Course files download

If you have gone through all 10 parts of the Blogging for Teachers Course, well done! I hope it has helped you in some way and encouraged you to start up your own blog for your class, school or yourself!

You now have the opportunity to download all (updated for 2015) files and resources that are a part of the physically-delivered course.

Below are the files available for download.

What is available to download

  • The PowerPoint file with all slides annotated
  • A PDF of all slides with course notes beneath
  • Articles and other resources

Members of the Tech Teachers web site can download all files for freeĀ  – see link below.

If you are not a member, you can purchase the complete pack on the Tech Teachers Shop.


Tech Teachers Members

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