Monthly Archives: Feb 2016

Flubaroo – my hero!

So, I created a 30-question multiple choice quiz for my Matrics using the new-and-improved Google Forms. Firstly, the new interface and usability of the Google Forms […]

HTML Course for Teachers

So sorry, I have had to cancel due to certain circumstances. I will endeavour to run the course later in 2016.

CAPS skillset layout for C.A.T.

For Computer Applications Technology, I have made a complete list of all the practical application skills a teacher needs to cover to be fully compliant […]

Tech-Time : Pixels and Resolution

The terms “Pixel” and “Resolution” became a part of our everyday language, but not everyone knows what a pixel is and how it relates to […]

Resource added to the articles section

I have added an interesting article entitled “App development, engineering skills in demand” to the ‘Articles of interest’ folder in the shared resources. Excerpt: “Skilled […]