Monthly Archives: Feb 2017

Designated or not, University and APS

The debate continues but I have seen, over the last few years, a changing of the tides in the sea of the “designated” versus “non-designated” […]

Matt in Benoni City Times

Well, there I am in the Benoni City Times newspaper. A piece on my upcoming trip to the Microsoft E2 Hack The Classroom Educators’ Exchange […]

TeachMeet March 2017

An opportunity for teachers, librarians, coordinators, heads & IT managers interested in innovation in teaching & learning to learn and share classroom ideas. Hosted by […]

GDE Gr 12 PAT training videos

Courtesy of Claire and Fotiene  :) For DBE Schools in Gauteng, here is a start for teachers and students for their Grade 12 PATs for […]

HTML Colour Code app

My third app is now available! Again, nothing amazing but a simple app to see the HTML values of colours including an interactive colour picker. […]

HTML Colour Code table

Here is a useful reference table for you to use when introducing colour codes to your students as you teach the basics of HTML. I […]