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Tech-Time : Tables in Word 2016

A table is a grid of cells arranged in rows and columns. They can be used to organize any type of content, whether you’re working […]

How are progressive teachers using technology?

There really is such scope for a teacher who can take the time and utilise free resources online to enhance the learning process, engage with their students and even make admin a little more bearable!

2016 exams added, at last!

For members of the site, I have updated the NSC exams page and also added the NSC exams from the DBE and the IEB in […]

How not to suck as a teacher!

I’ve been teaching for 14 or 15 years.  I really didn’t know what I wanted to do after school but ended up at college getting […]

More resource links added!

Some teachers have provided some more links to great online resources for Computer Applications Technology and Information Technology teachers. The links page consists of loads […]