CAPS skillset layout for C.A.T.

For Computer Applications Technology, I have made a complete list of all the practical application skills a teacher needs to cover to be fully compliant with the CAPS requirements.

This is now in an APP that I made! Check it out!

It’s handy to have as a checklist or even as a planner for your year in terms of your practical application content.

The documents I made come in two versions. One is a list format and the other is in tabular format (see pictures below).

screenshot_Mon_Feb_08_22.29.38 screenshot_Mon_Feb_08_22.29.53 screenshot_Mon_Feb_08_22.27.16 screenshot_Mon_Feb_08_22.27.46

Members of the site can download the files below which contain the editable Word and PDF versions below.

The rest of this content is available to full members. Full membership of the site is available by either donating R100 on the Donation page, or uploading an activity or assessment that you yourself have created to share with others (on the Upload page).

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