Last Minute Practical Exam Revision Videos

CAT Final Paper 1 Exam Revision

Unfortunately, I ran out of time, so I didn’t have a chance to record more walk-throughs for past papers. However, this week I decided in this instance, quantity is better than quality, so I gave up on making the perfect videos in favour of quickly recording a bunch of videos straight through Powerpoint over the last few days. There are now three additional papers with videos – Gauteng Prelim 2017, Western Cape Prelim 2017, NSC Feb/March 2017.

The videos were made in Afrikaans since they were only intended for my Matrics, but after reconsideration, I decided they can be beneficial to other students as well – even if they don’t understand what I’m saying, at least they can see the steps.

So here they are: <the perfectionist in me is cringing with embarrassment at the quality, maar nou ja…>

Note that the files are enormous, so only learners who have access to uncapped, fast Internet will be able to download these. Please share the link with your learners if they have the facilities to download at home. At some point I’ll remake them properly in English and post on YouTube.