Practical Revision Activities (all grades)

Nearly 100 pages of practical revision activities!

I managed to get a good head start with one of my projects for the holiday – practical revision activities compiled from past national papers, divided into grades and topics. I’ve only managed to do Word & Excel so far but will get cracking on Access & HTML soon.

Suggestions on how to use these:

You can distribute these activities electronically or (if budget allows) print hard copies (better, otherwise kids have to keep switching between the activity and the data file).

  1. Use during class time as enrichment activities for strong learners
  2. Use as revision activities before tests/exams
  3. Use as material for after hours/extra classes

Note that these are divided according to Study Opportunities textbooks. The original Word files have been supplied so that teachers who use different textbooks can rearrange to match their textbooks.

I’m planning to demonstrate these activities on video, so subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date with new videos.

You can view and download the revision activities here.

(These are also available to download in the Shared Resources section on the site)

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