CAT classroom posters feedback

Received some positive feedback on the classroom posters I made. I thought I’d share it here.

“On Friday I ordered Matt’s Posters (all of them) – downloaded on the weekend and printed and laminated them today. Can’t wait to put them up in my lab soon. Will post pics when they are on display.

As I couldn’t wait to reference them I got my Grade 12’s to blindly pick one and present it to the class (from the Excel Functions A3 pile) – it was great and I was amazed at how much discussion and learning took place. The best part as far I as was concerned was when a few hours later at the end of the day 2 of my CAT Matrics said to me that they so enjoyed the lesson – wow. Thanks Matt for these quality posters.”


If you have not got these cool posters for your class, check out this page for more information!

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Matthew is a Computer Applications Technology teacher at an independent school in South Africa.

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