Notes & Feedback from Hands-on Theory Conference 2018

The first Hands-on Theory Conference was a great success – thank you to Marjorie Raijmakers who dared to share her dream with me! A big thank you to all the exhibitors as well as the teachers and learners who supported us on this venture. “It was SO beneficial for teachers AND learners to see so much of … Read moreNotes & Feedback from Hands-on Theory Conference 2018

CAT Training for Access & Excel

The Gauteng Department of Education presented teacher training in term 3, covering the most complicated concepts in Access & Excel. The training files and videos are available online. Please note there are also offline downloadable videos available that have an interactive player. YouTube playlist: Files & Offline videos

Hands-on Theory Learner Conference – Gauteng

I am extremely excited to announce that Marjorie Raijmakers and I will be hosting the first of its kind Hands-on Theory Conference for learners. We hope to make this a yearly conference where learners can come to experience the technology we learn about in theory, hands-on. The morning will start off with learners going around … Read moreHands-on Theory Learner Conference – Gauteng

Subtotal activity for Gr 12’s (Afr & Eng)

Download a short Subtotal activity you can use in class here under Excel/Subtotal activity_Subtotaal aktiwiteit. Personally, the last thing from the Exam guidelines I still need to do with my Grade 12’s, is the Subtotal activity. I made a short one they can use in class (Afrikaans & English). Simply switch on Show/Hide to see … Read moreSubtotal activity for Gr 12’s (Afr & Eng)

UPDATED: CAT/RTT Grade 12 Theory Summaries

The Grade 12 theory summaries have not only been updated and expanded to include more definitions and the new content from the 2017 Exam Guidelines, Fotiene Avrakotos has also inserted a bunch of QR codes that link straight to videos about the content. The summaries are available in both Afrikaans and English. Please remember to report … Read moreUPDATED: CAT/RTT Grade 12 Theory Summaries

CAT Grade 12 DBE PAT 2018

CAT PAT Training videos We all love to hate the never-ending PAT. However, we also know this can make a symbol difference to the learner’s final mark, so its importance is undeniable. It can also be a fantastic tool to use as practical revision and teaches the learners valuable research skills. Fortunately, we have very … Read moreCAT Grade 12 DBE PAT 2018

UPDATED: Practical Revision Activities (all grades)

Over 150 pages of practical revision activities! I have finally finished (or updated) the practical revision activities compiled from past national papers – up to June 2018. There are booklets for Word, Excel, Access & HTML divided into grades and topics. Suggestions on how to use these: You can distribute these activities electronically or (if budget … Read moreUPDATED: Practical Revision Activities (all grades)

CAT/RTT Grade 11 Theory Summary (Afr & Eng)

Hopefully there are still some schools who haven’t written their Theory papers yet. Here are some basic summaries/mind maps of the Grade 10 – 11 theory content. I’ve taken the Gr 12 summaries, deleted the Gr 12 work and went into a bit more detail about some of the Gr 11 work. The files are available … Read moreCAT/RTT Grade 11 Theory Summary (Afr & Eng)