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CAT Training for Access & Excel

The Gauteng Department of Education presented teacher training in term 3, covering the most complicated concepts in Access & Excel. The training files and videos […]

Subtotal activity for Gr 12’s (Afr & Eng)

Download a short Subtotal activity you can use in class here under Excel/Subtotal activity_Subtotaal aktiwiteit. Personally, the last thing from the Exam guidelines I still […]

Phase 2: CAT Gr 12 PAT 2018 (DoE)

A detailed discussion of Phase 2 of the CAT Gr 12 PAT 2018 for learners & teachers. Presentation docs can be accessed here: (Afrikaans […]

CAT Grade 12 DBE PAT 2018

CAT PAT Training videos We all love to hate the never-ending PAT. However, we also know this can make a symbol difference to the learner’s […]