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PAT Training Day for IEB teachers

Cancelled for now. I will be offering training again soon. As an alternative, I am going to place videos online with a breakdown of each […]

Poll your class instantly!

A really quick way of getting input from a big class and to allow learners to retain their anonymity is by using a live poll. […]

TeachMEET 22 March 2018

The next awesome TeachMEET is at Brescia House again and there are LOADS of options to choose from. It’s a fantastic growing experience and so […]

The CAT & IT Facebook group growing!

I started this group to reach out, to connect, to network and engage with other Computer Applications Technology teachers as I could not find a […]

“Why CAT?” – by Matthew Hains

I am always happy to visit any school and speak at parent information evenings, Subject choice evenings or career days to motivate on the importance […]