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Awesome Excel tip #1

Use 'Center Across Selection' instead of 'Merge and Center' I have been using Merge and Center for as long as I’ve known Microsoft Excel (many […]

Matthew Hains selected as MIE Expert for 2018-2019

¬†Matthew Hains from Saheti School Johannesburg¬†Selected as Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert Recognized as global leader in using technology to transform education 07/08/2018 – Johannesburg […]

#365EduCAPETOWN and Minecraft

I will be running a full-day of Minecraft at St Cyprian’s Girls school on the 13th of October 2018. I am really looking forward to […]

Tech Teachers site, good news update!

Hello everyone, After much contemplation, I have made some changes to the Tech Teachers web site. Change number 1 I have moved all the resources […]

Why choose CAT? Full 15 min-version

My presentation, a full 15 minute version (without me presenting/narrating) with music. I believe that Computer Applications Technology is an essential subject that should be […]

So, WHY choose C.A.T.?

I often get asked to come and visit schools and do a presentation to students/parents on the subject of Computer Applications Technology. I have a […]

The teaching of C.A.T. Theory

The teaching of Computer Applications Technology theory is always a contentious debate! So many teachers are pulling their hair out (well, those that still have […]

Classroom ideas

Having started teaching in a new classroom, I find myself having to make myself at home and decorate it a bit! So, I have started […]