Subtotal activity for Gr 12’s (Afr & Eng)

Download a short Subtotal activity you can use in class here under Excel/Subtotal activity_Subtotaal aktiwiteit. Personally, the last thing from the Exam guidelines I still need to do with my Grade 12’s, is the Subtotal activity. I made a short one they can use in class (Afrikaans & English). Simply switch on Show/Hide to see … Read moreSubtotal activity for Gr 12’s (Afr & Eng)

UPDATED: Practical Revision Activities (all grades)

Over 150 pages of practical revision activities! I have finally finished (or updated) the practical revision activities compiled from past national papers – up to June 2018. There are booklets for Word, Excel, Access & HTML divided into grades and topics. Suggestions on how to use these: You can distribute these activities electronically or (if budget … Read moreUPDATED: Practical Revision Activities (all grades)