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Phase 2: CAT Gr 12 PAT 2018 (DoE)

A detailed discussion of Phase 2 of the CAT Gr 12 PAT 2018 for learners & teachers. Presentation docs can be accessed here: (Afrikaans […]

PAT Training Day for IEB teachers

Cancelled for now. I will be offering training again soon. As an alternative, I am going to place videos online with a breakdown of each […]

CAT Grade 12 DBE PAT 2018

CAT PAT Training videos We all love to hate the never-ending PAT. However, we also know this can make a symbol difference to the learner’s […]

GDE Gr 12 PAT training videos

Courtesy of Claire and Fotiene  🙂 For DBE Schools in Gauteng, here is a start for teachers and students for their Grade 12 PATs for […]

IEB CAT PAT 2017 Electronic marksheet

For IEB schools doing their Matric 2017 PATs with their students. I have created an electronic version of the printed Task Assessment Tools rubrics. The […]

P.A.T. example for C.A.T. 2016

Here is an example of a Grade 12 Practical Assessment Task for Computer Applications Technology that a teacher can use to demonstrate to his/her students […]

DBE PAT 2016

Some fantastic videos of training on the DBE PAT 2016 for educators by Fotiene Avrakotos

CAT and IT resources added

Some scratch files and a CAT PAT Phase 1 added. Also a Grade 12 practical test for CAT added. Check the Resources page and look […]

C.A.T. PAT examples added

I have added some students’ PAT’s from 2014 for teachers to access and use as examples for their students. Files are provided as-is. Please do […]