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TeachMeet 26 September 2017

An opportunity for teachers, librarians, coordinators, heads & IT managers interested in innovation in teaching & learning to learn and share classroom ideas.

Microbit test

Along with the videos that I am making, introducing the Microbit and basic coding with the online interface, I have also made a Microbit test […]

Delphi activity – perimeter fencing application

This program calculates the perimeter of an area after the user inputs two measurements (length and width). It works out the cost per meter and also any applicable price reductions and discounts based on certain criteria.


Another basic example of IF THEN ELSE. procedure TForm1.btnCheckClick(Sender: TObject); var age : Integer; begin age := StrToInt(edtAge.Text); if (age>=18) then ShowMessage(‘Congratulations! You are old […]