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Simple macros in Excel Part 1 of 2

This is part one of 2 of macros in Excel. In this part we basically set the platform using RANDBETWEEN and conditional formatting . Nothing […]

Display boards for Theory

I am making display boards to encourage my students to ask questions or at least be inquisitive about hardware taught in the Theory sections of […]

Tables in Word practice for Grade 10

I whipped up ten quick tables for my Grade 10’s to practice their table skills. Borders, alignment, shading, measurements and merging skills are all tested […]

CAT Training for Access & Excel

The Gauteng Department of Education presented teacher training in term 3, covering the most complicated concepts in Access & Excel. The training files and videos […]

HTML revision – in PowerPoint

Available in the store is the HTML for Students presentation. It contains pretty much everything your students need to know for HTML. The slides take […]

Grade 11 HTML task

For my Grade 11 class, just starting out in HTML. I created a very simple task just throwing in some basic coding to get them […]