An idea in teaching Excel functions for Grade 10

I was just thinking if something like this would work. Just a thought, an idea on how I could reinforce the teaching and practice of functions with the Grade 10’s. If enough people think this could work, I could get a few people working together with me online and we could maybe make a cool functions … Read moreAn idea in teaching Excel functions for Grade 10

CAT Training for Access & Excel

The Gauteng Department of Education presented teacher training in term 3, covering the most complicated concepts in Access & Excel. The training files and videos are available online. Please note there are also offline downloadable videos available that have an interactive player. YouTube playlist: Files & Offline videos

The teaching of C.A.T. Theory

The teaching of Computer Applications Technology theory is always a contentious debate! So many teachers are pulling their hair out (well, those that still have hair) over why their students just don’t want to study for this part of the curriculum that we love (or mostly dislike…) teaching. This is a narrated (by me!) version … Read moreThe teaching of C.A.T. Theory

CAT Grade 12 DBE PAT 2018

CAT PAT Training videos We all love to hate the never-ending PAT. However, we also know this can make a symbol difference to the learner’s final mark, so its importance is undeniable. It can also be a fantastic tool to use as practical revision and teaches the learners valuable research skills. Fortunately, we have very … Read moreCAT Grade 12 DBE PAT 2018