Computer Classroom Posters

“I ordered Matt’s Posters (all of them)…printed and laminated them. As I couldn’t wait to reference them I got my Grade 12’s to blindly pick one and present it to the class (from the Excel Functions A3 pile) – it was great and I was amazed at how much discussion and learning took place. The best part as far I as was concerned was when a few hours later at the end of the day 2 of my C.A.T. Matrics said to me that they so enjoyed the lesson – wow. Thanks Matt for these quality posters.”

– Gail Rose-Innes

As a passionate Computer Applications Technology teacher I have found it difficult to source posters that are relevant to the subject that I teach. Most posters are aimed at a much younger audience. I decided to make my own posters for my class as my classroom was looking rather bare! So, I went through the terminology and various concepts that I teach to my students and created some posters that I thought would help my students not only visually in class but also cognitively.

Computer Class Posters Collage - EnglishI am by no means a professional graphic designer. The posters are simple, clean and easy to read. It’s an addition to the classroom, not a replacement for other teaching aids. I make no guarantee to the quality or print specifications of the files. I have printed them all myself and laminated them too and they look great in my class! I hope you can do the same!

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