Nominate Matthew Hains for the Global Teacher Prize!

So...I am entering the Global Teacher Prize!

Hello my teacher colleagues, I am doing something completely crazy but lots of fun and quite a learning experience. I would like to take advantage of the educators network I am a part of and ask for your support in (yet another!) endeavour I have undertaken.

I have entered myself into The Global Teacher Prize for 2019. All I ask is, that if you have something nice to say, then please consider nominating me for The Global Teacher Prize for 2019. It's a massive leap of faith for me and something I am learning quite a bit from.

There are only FOUR South African teachers who have made the Top 50 Global Teachers!

Thank you so so so much!

You will be required to create an account but that's only so you can nominate.

Here is some information you will be required to enter about me:
First name : Matthew
Lase name : Hains
School : Saheti School
Email address :
Phone : +27790790521
Other ways to contact me :

$1Million...that's a lot of pizza! 🙂

To nominate me, go to

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