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My C.A.T. Checklist app

I have continued delving into the mobile app development scene and created my fifth app that I hope students, and even teachers, can make use […]

Resource added to the articles section

I have added an interesting article entitled “App development, engineering skills in demand” to the ‘Articles of interest’ folder in the shared resources. Excerpt: “Skilled […]

Android Apps for your students

I have made QR codes for quick access to three useful apps that I created for your students (and yourself, the teacher) to use on […]

M@tt’s Apps now live

My Developer account at Google Play is now live. I hope, that as I learn more about mobile app creation, that I can create worthwhile […]

MIT App Inventor

Get your students to explore how easy it is to create their own Android applications! This site allows the user to create full-fledged Android apps […]

The Microsoft Apps lab

Inspire your IT and CAT students to become developers, problem-solving citizens, people who seek to create solutions to assist society in daily life.