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Mobile app development using Thunkable

I have started playing around with an online application called Thunkable. It’s an online platform for making mobile applications and uses block coding. It’s very […]

Using numbers on the Microbit

Part 6 In this video, I look at how to use numbers with basic addition and then show you how to generate random numbers. I’ve […]

Using text on the Microbit

Part 5 Learning to code with a Microbit Here I go through some very basic text features. We’ll move on to more complicated text features […]

Saving your Microbit code

Part 3 In this video I quickly show you how to save your code and then open it again. Sorry about the mouse cursor not […]

Microbit test

Along with the videos that I am making, introducing the Microbit and basic coding with the online interface, I have also made a Microbit test […]

Hacking: Coding

I was asked to present a “hack” at the TeachMeet at Brescia House this week. This was shortly after I had already attended the Microsoft […]

7 Practices for Writing Good Code

Code readability is a universal subject in the world of computer programming. It’s one of the first things we learn as developers. Teach your students to code clearly and they will thank you one day.