Next collaborative project : Terminology

Hello everyone In 2014, a whole bunch of CAT teachers worked together online and created a very successful Revision application.  Now, I am working on the next collaborative project : Terminology! I am trying to get a suitable and accessible Terminology list for C.A.T. together. It is based on a combination of various sources but … Read moreNext collaborative project : Terminology

Student-led Skype revision sessions

By Shireen Steytler, IT Teacher at Durban High

The night before the final Grade 11 practical exam I was privileged enough to be invited to observe their Skype revision session. And yes, I consider this a privilege – they didn’t have to involve me or give me the opportunity to be part of this session, but I am fortunate enough that they are not threatened by my observation.

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The Critical Role Of Teachers In Transforming Education Systems

“There is growing recognition that the world today is defined by change, complexity and hyper-connectedness, and that education systems are falling behind in terms of equipping young people with the skills that are essential to thriving in the world and to making the world a better place.”

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Collaborative group project #3 – Assessment Questions


One can ask a question and get an answer. The answer either displays good memory recall skills or it displays an understanding of the concept or skill being assessed, showing that the student has the ability to think, not just memorise!

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C.A.T. Terminology Revision Application – Collaboration

Next collaboration project starts NOW! (When you’re NOT marking!)
I have sifted through nearly 1000 words, put them in categories and grades (thanks to Gary Blieden’s spreadsheet) and now I need to add definitions/explanations and a ‘more info’ link.

This sheet is accessible by anyone in the group – do not share – and can be edited by anyone – be careful!

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