Macros in Excel – Workshop by Matt Hains

A new addition to CAPS is the use of macros, specifically in Excel. I will be presenting a 1-hour workshop to familiarise teachers with this new addition and get them equipped to use macros and teach them to their learners. Workshop details When :  Saturday, 9th February 2019 Where : Saheti School, Civin Drive, Senderwood, … Read moreMacros in Excel – Workshop by Matt Hains

An idea in teaching Excel functions for Grade 10

I was just thinking if something like this would work. Just a thought, an idea on how I could reinforce the teaching and practice of functions with the Grade 10’s. If enough people think this could work, I could get a few people working together with me online and we could maybe make a cool functions … Read moreAn idea in teaching Excel functions for Grade 10

Simple macros in Excel Part 1 of 2

This is part one of 2 of macros in Excel. In this part we basically set the platform using RANDBETWEEN and conditional formatting . Nothing fancy here but it’s a nice exercise, similar to the colouring-in with Excel activity I made a while ago. I’d like you to create the file yourself while going through … Read moreSimple macros in Excel Part 1 of 2

Colour by numbers, using Excel

Here is an activity I designed for working with a few elements in Excel. Skills covered: Conditional formatting cell addresses ranges copy/paste drag and fill data validation fun! I made a block of 100 squares. All squares have conditional formatting applied so that when a certain number is typed in, the square (cell) changes colour. … Read moreColour by numbers, using Excel