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Awesome Excel tip #1

Use 'Center Across Selection' instead of 'Merge and Center' I have been using Merge and Center for as long as I’ve known Microsoft Excel (many […]

Real data for Excel activities

What do we want? REAL DATA! When do we want it? NOW! A really good way to help your students see the relevance of Computer […]

Rock Paper Scissors – Excel style

While I’ve been working on the various Excel activities, I designed a Rock Paper Scissors game in Excel to show how to use nested IFs. […]

Excel checklist for your students

Well, it’s that time of year…EXAMS! I’m sure your students want to know what they need to know for the various applications. In addition to […]

Create a password generator in Excel

Here is a great exercise to reinforce CONCATENATE, UPPER, RIGHT, LEFT, LOWER functions. Get your students to create their own password generator based on various […]

How to make a self-marking quiz in Excel

Here is a quick way to set some basic tests/quizzes that mark themselves using Microsoft Excel. It’s a time-saver when using simple multiple-choice quizzes or […]