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Study Opps module revision assessments

For teachers who use the Study Opportunities textbooks for Computer Applications Technology (as I do), I have created an assessment for each module in the […]

Grade 10 Practical test

Based on a real-life scenario involving an overseas tour for a fictitious school. Uses conditional formatting, Countif, nested IF’s and more. A worthwhile activity.

Grade 10 Charts test

A basic activity for your Grade 10’s on creating charts from data. Some COUNT and COUNTIF functions and also being able to perform basic calculations while also choosing an appopriate graph for the relevant data. Marksheet included.

Practical Grade 10 CAT test added

A practical test for Grade 10 has been added to the Resources section. Much thanks to Brandon Rennie for that. All members and non-members of […]

Grade 10 IT Theory test added

I have added a Grade 10 IT theory test to the shared resources. It consists of content covered in the Funworks textbook from Modules LU1 […]

2013 Grade 10 and 11 CAT exams added

I have added exam papers from November 2013 to the Tech Teachers shared folders for teachers to access and use/modify. Practical and Theory papers with […]