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Mobile app development using Thunkable

I have started playing around with an online application called Thunkable. It’s an online platform for making mobile applications and uses block coding. It’s very […]

Tech-Time : Memory Leaks

“Memory leak” is a term used to describe many different communication errors that reduce your available memory. So what can you do about them?

Multiple Choice Quiz using Python

I have been working with Python 3.4 with my Grade 9’s and have been so pleasantly surprised at how enthusiastically they’ve taken to it. Here […]

Grade 10 IT Theory test added

I have added a Grade 10 IT theory test to the shared resources. It consists of content covered in the Funworks textbook from Modules LU1 […]

Tech-Time : What is a Chipset?

In a computer system, a chipset is a set of electronic components in an integrated circuit that manages the data flow between the processor, memory and peripherals

C.A.T. and I.T. 2014 exams uploaded

I have uploaded last year’s DBE Computer Applications Technology and Information Technology final Grade 12 Exams. Theory and Practical. Data files provided for C.A.T. only […]

Delphi and Scratch day for teachers

All IT teachers are invited to an ‘IT is gr8!’ workshop (Scratch & Delphi) organised and sponsored by Study Opportunities. Important: Register before Wednesday, 21 […]

PAT IT Expo/Showcase/Competition 2014

I can see now, more than ever, how integral and essential the subject of Information Technology is; not only for present personal and intellectual development but also for future career decisions students have to make.

Limpopo IT Prelim Paper 1 – Aug 2014

The preliminary paper for IT is based on Delphi and the Exam Guidelines for IT of 2014. There are different questions and tests various skills. […]