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OneNote notebooks for Grade 10 and 11 CAT

I created class notebooks for my Grade 10 and Grade 11 Computer Applications Technology classes using Microsoft OneNote. This is in conjunction with MS Teams. […]

Using OneNote for your CAT class

I have decided to use Teams and OneNote exclusively for CAT and have put together my first Notebook for my Grade 10 class for next […]

Simple macros in Excel Part 1 of 2

This is part one of 2 of macros in Excel. In this part we basically set the platform using RANDBETWEEN and conditional formatting . Nothing […]

Colour by numbers, using Excel

Here is an activity I designed for working with a few elements in Excel. Skills covered: Conditional formatting cell addresses ranges copy/paste drag and fill […]

Excel : Merge Across Quick shortcut

Made in response to a question by a teacher in our Facebook group to see if there was a keyboard shortcut for the ‘Merge across‘ […]

Excel graphs activity Grade 10

Based on the skills in the Study Opportunities Grade 10 textbook, module 4.4 – I have made a short test/task with solutions and a marksheet. […]