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Interactive posters for 2018

NOW available for 2018 : New posters for Computer Applications Technology teachers. The first set of 12 posters is done and is available for purchase. […]

2016 and my classroom has posters!

I made some posters┬áthat CAT and IT teachers can use in their classroom either as teaching aids or simply decorating your class. I had to […]

C.A.T. Classroom Posters

Here is what part of my lab looks like with the posters I created. My favourite posters are my Microsoft Excel posters. I could not […]

Free posters for January

Every month for 2015, two new bonus posters for members become available to download. They are full colour, high quality, printable up to A3. The […]

CAT classroom posters feedback

Received some positive feedback on the classroom posters I made. I thought I’d share it here. “On Friday I ordered Matt’s Posters (all of them) […]

Posters for your computer class

I am a full-time Computer Applications Technology teacher. I have found it difficult to source posters that are relevant to the subject that I teach. […]