Teacher testimonials

Read what teachers have to say about the Tech Teachers web site and the CAT & IT Teachers Facebook group

This has been the most amazing help. The resources are incredible! Without this site and the Facebook group I would have been lost. Thank you for everything!

Eddie Wille

This group is/has been a lantern to many CAT and IT teachers. Thank you for your support and willingness to help, as well as all the members who contribute.

Dael Erasmus Bedford

Without this website and resources I would never have made it through the year. Thank you Matt for the sharing of resources!

Erline Jordaan

This has been the most useful and fun website I have ever used for educational purposes.  In all the 6 years I have been teaching. It has made me enjoy planning my lessons and sharing the skills and knowledge with my learners. The best part getting different assessments that I can use to improve learners’ understanding in content.

Sebe Myeni

This group is a life saver, like a cool version of a support group. We should have coffee mugs or T-shirts advertising it!

Justin Mulder

Teachers are knowledgeable, a member can obtain accurate and comprehensive answers.

Renier Engelbrecht

Has the Tech Teachers web site been of benefit to you? Have you enjoyed linking in on the Facebook group of over 550 teachers? Do you enjoy access to hundreds of free exams and assessments for CAT and IT? Do you find the Tech Teachers blog and links – with over 1000 registered teachers – tailored for CAT and IT teachers in South Africa useful?

If so, would you please consider adding your comment/testimonial?