Teacher testimonials

Read what teachers have to say about the Tech Teachers web site and the CAT & IT Teachers Facebook group

The support, encouragement and resources are invaluable.

Kathy Raath Strehler

Love that there are SO many shared resources available. Thanks to ALL the contributors, but especially Matt for his endless energy and enthusiasm for getting it all together!

Denise Jarvis

Thank you for helping me be a great teacher.

Adeleh Haricombe

Used lots of materials from this site as starting points for tests and exams and then modified accordingly. So much easier than starting from scratch.  Enjoyed following the discussions from my fellow teachers as well.

Gill Metcalf

Tech Teachers has been a lifeline for me in my “solitary”  position of CAT teacher… I no longer feel I am working alone but am now part of a larger, supportive, innovative and committed group of fabulous CAT and IT educators.

I have always told my students that CAT stands for Commitment, Attitude and Tenacity – that is very evident in this unique group of educators – THANK YOU

Gail Rose-Innes

This site [CAT & IT Teachers Facebook group] is so amazing it feeds off itself in such a positive way – for the first time I don’t feel as if I am working in CAT isolation.

G Rose-Innes

Has the Tech Teachers web site been of benefit to you? Have you enjoyed linking in on the Facebook group of over 550 teachers? Do you enjoy access to hundreds of free exams and assessments for CAT and IT? Do you find the Tech Teachers blog and links – with over 1000 registered teachers – tailored for CAT and IT teachers in South Africa useful?

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