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Read what teachers have to say about the Tech Teachers web site and the CAT & IT Teachers Facebook group

Incredible source to give to and to receive back. Just like technology: “How did we survive without it?”

Rowland Mostert

Our school does not offer IT and I’m the only CAT teacher. I find the Tech Teachers’ website and Facebook page extremely helpful as I often feel isolated and out of my depth. The database of assessments is invaluable and I often have a question or comment which I know will be responded to timeously. You guys are my virtual ‘colleagues’ and I love being part of this group!

Verona Reijnders

It is not ‘political’ – no degrading and humiliation or ‘own agendas’. It has a positive vibe. EACH teacher has the freedom and confidence to ask, share and participate. Support is given unconditionally.

Carina Labuscagne

Every CAT teacher needs to be part of this site! Wonderful support and so many resources.

Marlene Dreyer

Teachers are knowledgeable, a member can obtain accurate and comprehensive answers.

Renier Engelbrecht

I had so many questions to ask but no-one to go to. Since I have found this group I ask my questions here. I get a few responses from experienced fellow teachers. I feel supported, and the shared resources have meant that I have been able to give my kids quality assessments while I learn the ropes.

Justin Mulder

Has the Tech Teachers web site been of benefit to you? Have you enjoyed linking in on the Facebook group of over 550 teachers? Do you enjoy access to hundreds of free exams and assessments for CAT and IT? Do you find the Tech Teachers blog and links – with over 1000 registered teachers – tailored for CAT and IT teachers in South Africa useful?

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