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The best part is the feeling of community – to know that other teachers struggle with exactly the same things I struggle with!  I hope someone will start the same kind of thing for all subjects!

Alet Marais

Discovering the Facebook site and the support website has been life-changing.  It has put me in touch with teachers who are experiencing the same frustrations (and joys).  The support is amazing and has added such value to my life, as an educator.  I am just sorry I did not get on board ages ago!

Yvonne Smith

On Friday I ordered Matt’s Posters (all of them) – downloaded on the weekend and printed and laminated them today. Can’t wait to put them up in my lab soon. Will post pics when they are on display . As I couldn’t wait to reference them I got my Grade 12’s to blindly pick one and present it to the class (from the Excel Functions A3 pile) – it was great and I was amazed at how much discussion and learning took place. The best part as far I as was concerned was when a few hours later at the end of the day 2 of my CAT matrics said to me that they so enjoyed the lesson – wow. Thanks Matt for these quality posters.

Gail Rose-Innes

Thank you for helping me be a great teacher.

Adeleh Haricombe

I love the collaboration that happens on this site and the friendly people that are part of it! Fantastic concept, great resources and lots of interesting reading.

Shireen Steytler

This has been the most amazing help. The resources are incredible! Without this site and the Facebook group I would have been lost. Thank you for everything!

Eddie Wille

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