Teacher testimonials

Read what teachers have to say about the Tech Teachers web site and the CAT & IT Teachers Facebook group

Without this website and resources I would never have made it through the year. Thank you Matt for the sharing of resources!

Erline Jordaan

It is not ‘political’ – no degrading and humiliation or ‘own agendas’. It has a positive vibe. EACH teacher has the freedom and confidence to ask, share and participate. Support is given unconditionally.

Carina Labuscagne

Tech Teachers website has helped me a lot. Crossword puzzles helped my learners to master terminology used in CAT.

Babalwa Kafu-Quvane

Best group I belong to.

Rowland Mostert

This is a wonderful set of resources. Thank you so much for all you do.

Julia Slabbert

For the first time I don’t feel alone when it comes to being a CAT teacher. I am so grateful for this connection and all the superb work that has gone into it including shared assessments and human support.

Gail Rose-Innes

Has the Tech Teachers web site been of benefit to you? Have you enjoyed linking in on the Facebook group of over 550 teachers? Do you enjoy access to hundreds of free exams and assessments for CAT and IT? Do you find the Tech Teachers blog and links – with over 1000 registered teachers – tailored for CAT and IT teachers in South Africa useful?

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