Read what teachers have to say about the Tech Teachers web site and the CAT & IT Teachers Facebook group

This site has provided invaluable information and resources to the teacher. The support, encouragement and assistance from Matt and his team knows no bounds. I am extremely grateful and my heartfelt thanks to you Matt. Keep up the excellent work.

Kersari Moodley

Thank you for this excellent website. You made everyone’s life much easier and thank you for everybody sharing.

Erline Jordaan

This group has really helped me in realizing that I am not alone in this struggle, and that there is so many new ways of teaching and resources one can use as example for new activities.


Plus the support and answers to questions one is sometimes to scared to ask, really helped immensely.

J. Hayward

Discovering the Facebook site and the support website has been life-changing.  It has put me in touch with teachers who are experiencing the same frustrations (and joys).  The support is amazing and has added such value to my life, as an educator.  I am just sorry I did not get on board ages ago!

Yvonne Smith

Incredible source to give to and to receive back. Just like technology: “How did we survive without it?”

Rowland Mostert

The Tech a Teachers site, created and maintained by Matt, has helped so many teachers, both experienced and new! A truly invaluable resource!

Claire Pattle

Has the Tech Teachers web site been of benefit to you? Have you enjoyed linking in on the Facebook group of over 800 teachers? Do you enjoy access to hundreds of free exams and assessments for CAT and IT? Do you find the Tech Teachers blog and links – with over 1000 registered teachers – tailored for CAT and IT teachers in South Africa useful?

If so, would you please consider adding your comment/testimonial?