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What is the current syllabus for Grade 10 Delphi (I use the Study opportunities books)?

Also where can I get an exemplar Delphi Grade 10 paper?
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The Study Opps books should have it all covered! Now, in terms of an exemplar paper... Edward Gentle is the man to contact. He's not on the forum(yet!). I'll try persuade him to join.

[Image: 2flIEiT]
Matthew Hains
Passionate about Computer Applications Technology
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The IT syllabus will be changing at the end of this year. 

Scratch will be taken out. So grade 10 will now only be Delphi. Some of the grade 11 Delphi stuff will be moved to grade 10 as well.

So I suggest to avoid Scratch as much as possible in grade 10. Use the grade 11 Study opportunities book for your grade 10s.
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