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More to PowerPoint?
Does anyone not think that there is so much more we can be doing with PowerPoint? Perhaps teaching the students how to use OfficeMix to create their own videos/tutorials on how to do something?

[Image: 2flIEiT]
Matthew Hains
Passionate about Computer Applications Technology
I'm playing with the idea of having students collaborate on a Powerpoint and doing mini-screen recordings showing the solutions to practical questions for class activities. I simply don't have the time to record everything I want, but there are a few kids in each class who manage to grasp the content easy enough, who could be helping others. However, due to personality types etc, they aren't always comfortable literally helping other students. If they could do mini screen recordings with PowerPoint and share that on the central network, they could be helping a bunch of other learners!
After Fiona's session at the SNSA conference, I'm considering letting them make e-textbooks and using Office Mix to enhance the content.

I haven't played around enough - but it seems it's not possible to do the annotations on screen recordings, right? Only in Powerpoint itself?
I don't think Office Mix is going to be around much longer...

Matthew Hains
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