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Theory Frustrations
I love our theory, really I do. We are teaching kids such valuable content - most of which they will encounter in the real world. What dampens my passion and really discourages my kids though, is how the goal posts keep moving.

It drives me up the walls how there seems to be no clear-cut definitions or content in our subject. In one exam XYZ is expected for two marks, but in the next one, they expect ABC - and the question really isn't phrased in such a way that there is much of a distinction. Not even advantages or disadvantages stay the same from one exam to the next (comparing National and Provincial exams). 

I feel like my hands are tied - I don't know how to adequately prepare my students (especially the A-candidates) to know all the content and interpret the subtle changes in the questions that are supposed to guide them to the correct answer. I'm letting my kids down because no amount of preparation is enough.

It feels like I'm unable to grasp the content and present it in a clear understandable way, which they will be able to express in an exam using the correct terminology. Who's fault is that? Some of it, one can lay at the feet of the kids, yes. But that is not where the problem begins and ends. 

Personally, I feel like the exam questions are often overcomplicated (for levels of course) and the memo hardly ever allows for enough possibilities. I'd love to see if any top teachers, moderators or subject advisors are able to score 95% or above on our theory exams - I highly doubt it - I certainly couldn't come up with the answers they want all the time!

I guess most of this is just venting, but if anyone can offer advice, I'm all ears! (I am reporting my concerns to my subject advisor)
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