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PAT Websites
Has anyone ever published the PAT websites of learners online (even if only for a little time)? They always ask me about it - "is my website online now?" - then I have to explain about web hosting etc. However, this might be a motivation for them to put a little more effort in - and a way for kids to show off their nice websites to family and friends. 

I know absolutely nothing about web hosting, but I'd love to know if anyone's ever done something like this - if so, what kind of costs will one have to look at and how do you get started?

Thanks in advance.
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It would be really great to host their work on on a host that perhaps is free. It would be especially great if the sites were well-put together.

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Matthew Hains
Tech Teachers
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We did this with a blog when I was still studying. Enjoyed it, students where checking the user visits everyday. Will be great if we can do this with a website.
Bed Hons. Rekenaarwetenskappe RTT

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