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NSC Nov 2017 P2 Commentary
Filling in the Teacher Exam Evaluation Tool is quite a cumbersome, but very necessary task. (Find a blank form attached)

Since I know many teachers simply won't have the time to do this, I am publishing my comments on the paper and invite others to do the same.

Teachers who don't have the time to write a full report are then welcome to use our comments on the paper (should they agree with them of course) saving themselves the trouble of compiling it from scratch.  

I think the more reports we submit to the DBE that expresses the same sentiment, the more attention they will give to our concerns. 

(i) Quality and standard of the question paper (include content being tested, etc)
Unfair questions (List any unfair questions and provide a reason why you think it is unfair)

2.7 – The definition of archiving doesn't usually include compression

4.2 – No indication in CAPS that GUI of PC should be compared to GUI of apps. What about students who don't own smartphones?

4.7 – No indication in CAPS that learners should know what to do after a trial period – trial period isn't even specified in CAPS, only shareware. I hope you accept that the software can be uninstalled if the user didn't like the software, and not only accept that it should be purchased.

4.9 – Learners taking CAT aren't taught where programs are installed exactly so I don't think many will know you can search for it in the File Explorer. 

4.11 – I'm not sure whether this question refers to upgrading of hardware or software so the question is unclear to begin with. If it refers to upgrading hardware, one can only check whether the motherboard supports more RAM and which type of RAM. The only other upgrade typically performed on a laptop, is to switch from HDD to SSD, and that isn't something you can check whether your computer's hardware would support (or not to my knowledge anyway) since a SSD is smaller (so space wouldn't be an issue) and as far as I know, any laptop made in the last 5 years would support an SSD. 

5.2 – CAPS doesn't mention that Bluetooth advantages & disadvantages should be known. I think this is more characteristics of Bluetooth, rather than disadvantages.

5.8.1 – Please accept Discord (the recent replacement of TeamSpeak for gamers)

6.5 – Question asks for one reason but counts two marks, not sure about mark allocation. 

6.6 – The question is a bit unclear as it sounds like it is all selection problems within the wizard, when in fact, two of the problems is with the raw data – different delimiters and that there is a missing data field value for the second record. 

7.4 – I know CAPS specifies 'Legal, ethical and security issues related to the use of ICTs' but that is so far and wide that virtually anything could be asked. I don't see any specific mention to managing client data.

8.4.1 – Data validation is only specified for databases in CAPS. The exam guidelines of 2017 specifies 'transfer of skills' in different applications – for Paper 1.

8.4.3 – Named ranges not specified in CAPS. 

9.1.5 – I would assume that any kind of memory card is type 1. I couldn't find an alternative on Amazon either: I suppose internal memory – which very few digital cameras have? Or a connection straight to a computer or external hard drive? Not in CAPS. 

9.2.2 – Question is extremely unclear – especially if read only in Afrikaans. Not reading the English side, I initially thought the question asks for a primary key. After reading the English side again, I see that it wants a simple method to avoid entering the same data repeatedly. I suppose a default value and combo box would be the logical options, but the first and second field could qualify for this since the same client could make the top wastage list for consecutive periods. 

9.2.5 – Very high level question, relates to 7.4 I suppose. Don’t see how CAPS supports this line of questioning. 

9.3.1 – This question would have yielded far better answers if it asked for suggestions for improving the question. 

10.2.1 – Not even the expansion on the exam guidelines distributed by the DBE, has two disadvantages that match this scenario.

10.3.1 – CAPS states basic concepts, features and uses of RFID tags. This is so far out of the scope of basic uses of RFID tags that I can't even come up with an example.

10.3.3 – This requires experiential knowledge that learners without smartphones (or those who haven't lost it before) won't know.

Attached Files
.doc   CAT P2 Teacher Exam Evaluation Tool NSC 2017.doc (Size: 43.5 KB / Downloads: 7)
If you are willing to share your comments as well but don't have an account for the forum, please send them to me by email ( 

Time is a factor - today is technically the last day to submit these comments, so we have to get this done asap.
Having a look now...

Matthew Hains
Tech Teachers - Blog and Resources for CAT teachers
It also asks about Bitcoin...that's interesting.

Matthew Hains
Tech Teachers - Blog and Resources for CAT teachers
That's actually one of the most reasonable, straightforward questions - straight from the 2017 Exam Guidelines.
1.2  Die spoed van die CPU behoort ook ʼn invloed te hê en behoort ook genoem te word.  CAT leerders weet niks van video redigering nie.
1.6  Die vraag is onduidelik.
2.6  Daar is 3 mediums beskikbaar:  optiese vesel, koper en wireless.  Hierdie vraag is baie wye algemene kennis vir ons leerders.
3.3  Die verloregaan van data vanaf ʼn USB skyfie is nie algemene kennis vir ons leerders nie.  Ek dink nie hulle format ooit memory sticks nie.
4.2  CAT leerders hoef nie te weet wat die verskil tussen mobiele en tafel weergawes van toeps is nie.
4.3  Die vraag is baie onduidelik.  Toets konvergensie, maar hoekom so wyd?
4.6  Daar is net een gebruik vir NFC, maar die vraag vra 2.  (Volgens Google...)
4.11  Ons leerders is rekenaargebruikers, nie rekenaarbouers nie!
5.7  Ons leerders het GEEN ervaring met intranet nie.  Hoe op aarde moet hulle van Jostle, VeryConnect en Bitrix24 weet?  Waar moet hulle dit leer?
6.5  Die leerder weet nie in watter program het die sortering plaasgevind nie.  Access hou rekords bymekaar, maar Excel nie.
6.6  Baie onduidelike vraag.
8.2.1  Onduidelike vraag.
8.4.1  Data validation is nie eintlik iets wat gevra word in Excel nie.  Leerders sou hierdie vraag nie kon beantwoord nie.
9.1.2  Ons leerders kry nooit met ʼn A2 bladsy-grootte te doen nie.
9.1.5  Dit is darem baie intens om leerders te toets op Compact flash cards, Secure digital (SD), Multimedia Memory Cards (MMC), Smart Media, Sony Memory Sticks en xD Pictures cards terwyl hulle nog net altyd van SD kaarte geleer het.
9.2.1  Noem dalk die objekte en laat leerders kies.  Hulle het nie geweet die opsies kan table, form, query en report wees nie.  Hulle gebruik Access, kliek daarop maar onthou nie altyd dat dit objekte is nie.
9.2.2  Geen idee wat gevra word nie.
10.1.3  Helderheid?  Wat word nou eintlik gevra?Language (Comment on the language use, is it appropriate for second language speakers)
By vraag 4.9 wat van shortcuts op die home screen en search?  Ek hoop dit word ook as korrek beskou.  
By 5.8.1 hoop ek werklik dat Facebook video chat en Google video chat aanvaar sal word.

Oor die algemeen dink ek ook dat hopeloos te veel vrae oor praktiese werk gevra word.  Die praktiese vraestel is mos reeds afgelê!  
I also think that examiners must realise that CAT is not a designated subject yet!  A learner going to university loses 10% on his CAT mark before his aggregate is calculated for merit bursaries.  Most of my learners says that CAT theory is more difficult than Sciences, because you never know what you gonna get!
Got some fantastic commentary on the whole paper:

o 1.5
 Wording was problematic – the ‘display on a monitor’?
 Seemed a very long-winded and convoluted path to get to the answer, especially for 2nd and 3rd language speakers
o 1.9
 This could be basically being a language question?

o 2.7
 Archiving does not necessarily imply compression, simply moving files
o 2.9
 DIMM would need to be accepted as well as some RAM chips have built in cache
 In addition, the focus in CAPS in on the changing process e.g. w.r.t. web pages

o 3.2
 Any number of answers could make this sentence true including, ‘free’, popular, open-source, or even non-proprietary (not restricted by instructions)
o 3.3
 Need to accept any answer relating to ‘remove’ such as wipe, destroy and any other number of synonyms that learners come up with
o 3.5
 Should have stuck with Left function as Right function needs at least one other function to simulate it besides MID e.g. Len

o 4.2
 GUI of mobile vs desktop – very confusing to answer and learners were not sure
 Scaled down? Could have answers related to size e.g. ‘can see less information’, resolution of screen, designed for touch interface / gestures, different colour/font types needed for visibility, important information at top of screen, more often used in portrait mode etc
o 4.3
 Very difficult question as most learners see desktop as a ‘box/tower’.
 Hybrid / All-in-one?
 Many more learners likely to have been able to describe rather than ‘name’ this
o 4.4
 Very confusing with the mouse pointer reference
 Other than changing sensitivity of the mouse – nothing obvious springs to mind but connecting to another port, reinstalling driver one assumes are accepted?
o 4.5
 optical drive – Again concerns about answers possibly not on memo like ‘because it is then cheaper’ or because ‘they are no longer needed by user’ having to be accepted? Question probably intended to focus on the declining need for optical drives
o 4.6
 Memo needs to be both broad e.g. accepting answers like ‘making payments’ and ‘exchanging data’ and deal with very specific examples e.g. Digital Business Cards, FNB tap-and-go and ‘NFC tags’ (and their hundreds of uses e.g. customising house/car settings etc.
o 4.7
 This was very confusing as answers could range from ‘do nothing’. ‘make a decision if you liked it’, ‘uninstall it’ etc.
o 4.8.3
 PDF – Seems like a difficult question
 First answer can be ‘because the files’ (content) are different’, one file is blank, one file has used more text, pictures etc.
 Second answer can be ‘because file is corrupt’, no text in file, file, is empty, restrictions placed on file by Adobe software etc.
o 4.9
 Find program – must include search, shortcut/icon on desktop, via Explorer, via Control Panel as answers
o 4.10
 POS – why 2 marks? Answer is price is looked up automatically?
o 4.11
 Upgrading – features is a confusing word to use and learners might think the hardware used to upgrade the software
 After ‘extra slots’ it seemed quite technical?

o 5.1
 ‘a device’? Is there more than one answer?
 Might be better to ask the other way around
o 5.3
 This phrasing also creates a possibility of ‘unexpected’ but valid (and sometimes simplistic) answers such as “it can/does cost a lot” or it is ‘Slow”
 Aldo depends if this is the ‘active’ data or backed up data
o 5.4
 Infra-red e.g. TV remote, Bluetooth (given in 5.2), ‘Wireless’, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, Cellular, Wi-Fi, Satellite, NFC, RFID etc. are all valid answers the way the question is given - type of technology - did radio mean ‘radio’ or ‘wireless’?
o 5.6
 access rights can be a misleading term – maybe expand the question with a scenario
 Access rights have both a specific connotation in ‘network admin’ (passwords, usernames read/write, remote, allowing one login at a time etc,) as opposed to a broader interpretation e.g. not granting right of access to the server room etc. Could be interpreted as blocking access to certain web sites?
 Some learners may have thought of this in term rights with in an AUP
o 5.7
 Software – learners might not understand what is being asked
 Generic name (Browser / Application software) or brand names?
o 5.8.1
 A really long list of answers – WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Viber and hundreds of mire obscure IM apps that support VoIP
o 5.8.2
 Again, could unexpected but perhaps valid answers such as ‘unreliable’, ‘uses data which you may be out of’ etc.
o 5.8.3
 Again, could unexpected but perhaps valid answers such as ‘save’ in terms of cap/data

o 6.1
 Question a bit convoluted - author’s name – answers can be broad e.g. fake name etc.
o 6.2
 Depends on what ‘search’ meant if it was for a product e.g. pizza, the advert might be the one you want no the research on the history of pizza
 Also, could answers such as ‘potential phishing’ / scam site etc, ‘you don’t want adverts’ etc.
o 6.3.1
 Conclusions is very vague – many answers could be correct including ‘took place over consecutive years’ , Makes and females were included’, the numbers changes all of which are conclusions from the graphs.
 Seems more trouble than it may be worth for one mark?
o 6.3.2
 Always dangerous to ask a learner what they would use as opposed to what would be the best to use
o 6.4
 One hopes an answer like the more the better s accepted as it seems to answer the question without referring to sample sizes etc.
o 6.5
 Answer is simply ‘marks column was not included’ for 2 marks?
o 6.6
 The wizard is not the only problem, what about the data?
 Assume that “First Row Contains Names’ not ticked and there is missing data and data in wrong format’ is an acceptable answer
 Note that it could be possible that the ‘semi-colon’ should have been used a delimiter (not the comma) so the last row of data is in fact only one in the correct format.

o 7.1
 False info online – cyberbullying vs defamation vs Crimen Injuria
 Many may say ‘fake news’
o 7.2
 AUP – do issues regarding Internet access have to be mentioned?
 Many AUP issues can be listed that are not linked to Internet usage
o 7.3
 Because it is free / OSS / shareware / freeware / pirated / demo software
o 7.4
 The level of wording may throw some learners
 Also, a whole range of answers relating from practical safekeeping of data including in-house issues such as passwords. user rights as per
Q 5.6 to broader issues such as only storing data needed, not selling on, and other issues covered by the Protection of Personal Information (POPIA) Act

o 8.1
 Need to accept any specific answers such as checking for hard space, double spaces, tab/paragraph, object anchors etc.
o 8.2.1
 Accept without units
o 8.2.2
 reducing cells – Merging?
 Learners will say ‘hiding borders’
o 8.2.3
 Think the question should be less about configuring the pill check (as opposed to ‘not letting underlining’ appear) as some answers are to do with formatting as opposed to configuring the spell checker
 Answers would include, add all words to dictionary, ignore all (not permanent but not sure what get rid of means), change language, indicate as do not check, etc.
o 8.2.4
 Autofit options, landscape, reduce font size, change: margins, character spacing, paper size, orientation etc.
o 8.3.1
 Accept ‘It does not’
o 8.3.2
 Any answers relating to dimensions having been altered should be accepted
o 8.3.3
 Alt text is not known well to learners other than in the context of an image file not showing
 To know that a screen reader program can read these tags is a bit of a stretch?
o 8.4.1
 Odd context for validation (in CAPS?)
 Accept validation as opposed to data validation
o 8.4.2
 Accept: To use filters/choose data etc
o 8.4.3
 Named range should appear in Name Box not in Table List as shown?
 Can this question therefore be answered?
o 8.4
 One must assume that all values under Property are unique. The second part of the answer (unique values) is true of all the ‘fields’ shown.

o 9.1.1
 Again, question is not clear if the generic application is required or if the many brand names can be accepted e.g. Word, Publisher etc.
o 9.1.2
 Learners need know paper size A2?
 What if several pages were printed to A2 and ‘folded to make a brochure?
o 9.1.3
 Not sure what other obvious option exists besides ‘eco-mode’ type of answer
 Multiple pages on one? Removing Images, Reducing Image resolution?
o 9.1.4
 Photocopying could be an answer as photocopying process is generally cheaper than what we understand to be printing i.e. with a printer.
 Can also get correct ‘non-technical’ answers such as ‘finding out exact number’ of copies needed to avoid wastage, print-on-demand etc
o 9.1.5
 Questions does not clearly limit itself to storage on the camera, so Memory Card, Flash disk and any storage device that can be linked to camera via USB must be accepted as well.
o 9.2.1
 Does not ask for most suitable object so Form, Table and Query are acceptable
 Also, what constitutes an object in this question – text/edit box, drop down list can also be used as answers
o 9.2.2
 Can be misleading because of the scenario
 Can motivate either Customer_ID or the more likely Usage_period and we are now asking learners to interpret the usage/function of these fields.
 The word ‘duplicating’ could also prompt learners to place a primary key on the Customer_ID
o 9.2.3
 The word ‘technique’ is confusing an implies a process as opposed to a feature?
 Number of answers - Filter / Query / Report (sort) / Sort etc.
o 9.2.4
 Assume answer is RSS but events can be on a sorting process e.g. SMS
/ e-mail notifications?
o 9.2.5
 Have to accept very broad positive and negative consequences: People start towing the line, anger, vigilantism, law suits etc
o 9.2.6
 Memo will have to VERY broad to accept any design principle – many human computer interaction (HCI) factors also fall in here
 Will have to accept broad answers and specific examples as well
o 9.2.7
 Can get non-technical but correct answers such as causing it to crash, infecting with viruses as opposed to Denial-of-service attacks Botnets. Zombies etc.
o 9.2.8
 Again assumption (for 2 marks) is that it is a technical answer when in fact the user simply has left their computer unattended/logged on/’open’ i.e. it need not have happened online and other ‘short answers’ like malware infection is also acceptable
o 9.3.1
 Does the this refer only to the question or the ‘lines below’ as well’ which would open up other answers like handwriting, limited space etc.
 Is it a problem with the question or that options are not provided to choose from?
o 9.3.2
 Online and off-line would be two acceptable answers as well as on websites, via email, phone, face-to-face, postal mail etc.
o 9.3.3
 Have to accept answers such as survey won’t be accurate/meaningful/’unfair’ as some respondents’ answers counted multiple times, ‘bias in answers’

o 10.1.1
 Answers won’t just relate only to 3G/4G/LTE/Cellular:
 Reliable would be key for emergency officers
 Cheap in terms of budgetary/running costs
o 10.1.2
 Does one only accept answers related to emergency mobile officers such as being more robust and then exclude others such as runs quieter etc. or does one accept ANY advantages of SSDs?
o 10.1.3
 Brightness / Contrast ?

o 10.1.4
 There isn’t only one – many IM apps so GroupMe (Skype) , iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger , Google+/Hangouts/Voice, BBM, Kik Messenger, PingChat! Etc,
o 10.2.1
 Difficult to answer for 2 marks- The obvious answer is ‘loss of money’ which is not really true. Better off to have asked from a business viewpoint?
o 10.2.3
 exact location via GPS coordinates? Show where you located (e.g. business), provide additional information?
o 10.3.1
 To identify people (easily) should be an answer, manage evacuations, track aid etc
o 10.3.2
 Does the ‘device’ have to be in there? Cn student just say fingerprints, iris scans etc
o 10.3.3
 Does perhaps require specific knowledge to get both marks
 Pinpoint position, Block/Lock, transfer data off, Cause phone to ring etc?
o 10.3.4
 Question asks for ‘service’ so Wi-Fi should be accepted as an answer
o 10.4.1
 Avoid language like ‘to blame’
o 10.4.2
 Accept digital/virtual currency,
o 10.4.3
 Besides ‘anonymity, there can be more technical reasons such as they can wait and trade when there is a more beneficial exchange rate etc.
o 10.4.4
 Wide variety of options in terms of the ‘message’ : ignore it (‘do nothing’), report it, pay it and/or actions to take to or prevent spread of ransomware e.g. disconnecting from network, format PC etc.
o 10.5.3
 Smaller font , Run vertically, Widen Columm
 Text wrapping will not work because of underscores

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