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Regarding the "Theory" exam, theory as a component of CAT, student attitudes etc.
Regarding the "Theory" exam, theory as a component of CAT, student attitudes and the content of theory:

It has become apparent that many teachers are raising concerns regarding the latest DBE Theory exam for CAT Grade 12. These concerns are valid and teachers here all have a voice.

Before we continue discussing, which I am happy to have happen here, please kindly do not do any of the following:
  • posting names of teachers or students or schools
  • posting screenshots with identifiable information therein
  • unfairly criticising any individual or authority responsible for the setting or moderating of the exam/s
Please do, however, tell us:
  • How you feel
  • What is the problem and
  • what could be addressed in the future?
  • What solution/s do you have to propose?
This is a professional group, please act accordingly. I can sense that perhaps it is time for the CAT teachers to begin to take some sort of action perhaps, in a positive and effective manner to address some of these valid concerns. I will be posting a way that we can do this and ensure it gets to the right people. Please be patient as I investigate further for us.

Matthew Hains
Tech Teachers - Blog and Resources for CAT teachers

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