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Fast marking tips Practical
You might have seen my video on tips for marking practical. I'll do a revision sometime, but I thought I'd share another tip or two I've figured out (really exited about nr 3!)

  1. In Word, use F9 to update fields instead of right click, update. Great for checking that for example a Bibliography wasn't fixed by hand. 
  2. Get used to using the mouse left handed so you can keep the pen on the paper
  3. Super excited about this one!!
    If you mark practical one question at a time for all students, you'll know the schlep of going in and out of folders for most of the day. I had a brainwave! You can have them all in the same folder! Only works for questions that has 1 file to mark, though, but every bit helps!
  • Use File Explorer (in your main directory of student folders) and search for the file name
  • Set 'View' mode to Details
  • Sort by Folder
    Voila! No more clicking in and out of folders! Provided that your folders are labelled with your students' names of course!
    Please share your favourite tips!
[Image: 23517771_10154987642756846_502612345946711749_n.jpg]
What a marvel, Claire!!!! Damn that I wont be marking any more prac papers.

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