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URL Shortener Security - FRIGHTENING!
If you've ever used Google's URL Shortener, you will probably have glanced over the little disclaimer "All URLs and click analytics are public and can be accessed by anyone". 

It's not like I have state secrets to protect, but I've never actually thought someone would bother finding and opening the shortened URL I just created. Then the freakiest thing happened...

I opened a Google Sheet and set the sharing to "Anyone with the link can edit" to share with my students. I shortened the URL because it's just so much neater and easier to share. The next moment someone joined the spreadsheet before I shared it with any of my students.  Huh

I opened the chat and asked "Who is with me in this sheet?" then the anonymous person/bot left.

How freaky is that?!?!?!

So, just a little public awareness: take note there are people/bots out there opening your shortened URLs!

Matthew Hains
Tech Teachers - Blog and Resources for CAT teachers
O my words. Scary. Thanks for te share.

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