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How do I: Gathering data from MS Word Form?
If I create a form in MS Word and email that form to people. They fill it in, they send it back. 

How do I get the data from the form into Excel?
AND, is this skill a requirement in CAPS?

Matthew Hains
Tech Teachers - Blog and Resources for CAT teachers
Courtesy of Study Opportunities Gr 12 textbook page 234 (Afrikaans):
  1. Open the filled-in Word form
  2. Click on File, Options, Advanced
  3. Find "Preserve fidelity when sharing this document" and ensure that the checkbox next to "Save form data as delimited text file" is checked
  4. Store the file under a new name
  5. A message saying the file will be saved as text will display
  6. Now go to Excel and on the DATA tab, Get external data group choose from Text
  7. Find the text file you just saved and select import and follow the wizard steps
Yes, according to CAPS they are supposed to know this but I've never seen it examined.
Claire is absolutely correct it is in CAPS.  While it's never been examined externally yet, I have examined it.  They should be au-fait with it as I insist my kids do this with their PAT survey questionnaires.

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