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I'd like to discuss: The basic computer skills every teacher should have
Using a shared Google Sheets document, myself and anyone who had the link (from the CAT Facebook group) began to compile a list of computer skills that we thought every teacher should possess.

Below is what was suggested. It is, at present, unedited. There are some basic skills and some...not-so-basic. Have a look and give your input.

The list of Basic Computer Skills that every teacher should have
  • Know how to switch on and off a computer
  • Know how to log in
  • Access the Internet using a web browser
  • Know how to send and receive emails
  • Attach files in an email
  • Print
  • Save a file as a PDF
  • Use a data projector
  • Page breaks in Word
  • Using TABS and Indents in Word
  • Understanding files and folders
  • Basic Excel skills (basic functions, formula, sorting, copying down etc)
  • setting up a template to set tests and exams using tables instead of tabs in Ms Word
  • How to create a folder for their subject/s and to save work in the correct folders for easy access
  • How to use cloud storage and to share files with people they work with for moderation. Example Google docs to share and edit tests and exams
  • How to scan pics etc to computer, or to take a picture on their cellphone and transfer to computer for tests and exams
  • Setting up whatsapp groups for subject meetings, etc
  • Setting up an exam paper, including styles, headers and footers, tabs, tables
  • Use Word referencing correctly
  • Use Word Table of Contents feature with Styles for setting up notes
  • Troubleshooting basic computer problems, e.g. Monitor not showing picture
  • Download a clip from YouTube
  • Create a well-designed presentation
  • Headers and Footers in Word and Excel
  • Insert and format graphic objects - especially text wrapping and grouping
  • How to use a memory stick correctly i.e. saving for and from, ejecting etc
  • How to use online storage (Dropbox) for collaboration with other teachers/schools
  • create a doc, slides, sheets, forms in Google Drive
  • no more usb.s corrupted and their work is lost
  • save in the Drive automatically, get 15 GB data with every gmail account
  • Selfconfidence to understand Access
  • Inserting a screenshot into a Word document without using a snipping tool
  • Converting a PDF document into a Word document using Word 2016
  • How to remove / merge formatting when copying questions from other papers / resources
  • How to use the Extend option when working with a data projector
  • How to use emails effectively - create distribution lists, how to download attachments, when to use "reply to all" etc
  • Basic WhatsApp group etiquette
  • Convert PDF files to Word/Excel
  • Create a Gmail e-mail account
  • Specific searches in a search engine
  • Connect hardware devices (e.g. data projector) to laptops
  • Filtering in Excel
  • Download software from the internet
  • Mail merge
  • Know the difference between browser, search engine, operating system, etc.

Matthew Hains
Tech Teachers - Blog and Resources for CAT teachers

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