Tech-Time : Curved Display Smartphones

iPhone-icon64The smartphone market is one of the biggest in South Africa, with most people owning a cell phone of some brand or another. As cellphone technology progresses, so does hardware and structure of phones. This video shows not just curved glass phones but actual curved displays and why the consumer might be using these types of displays in the near future! Enjoy!!

Tech-Time is a category on the Tech Teachers web site that consists of short videos of interest that a teacher can use to show to his/her class at the end of the day/cycle/lesson to generate discussion, inspire, create interest, inform or perhaps even help solidify some of the concepts being taught in CAT "theory".

I try find videos that I can use in my class and share them here on the web site in the category called Tech-Time. I hope you can use these videos too for your classes.

A folder with ALL featured Tech-Time videos in MP4 format is available in the Resources section

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