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  • Transforming My Classroom Jun 8, 2022
    My classroom is the place where I spend the most time at school. I want it to be an environment that is engaging, inspiring, interesting and interactive. I also want it to be a place where I feel happy and confident. I initially tried to “brighten up” my classroom with a bunch of posters on […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Learn about Algorithms: A Content Pack for Teachers and Learners Jun 2, 2022
    Algorithms are covered in Computer Applications Technology in IEB schools. It is included in the Subject Assessment Guidelines document for Grade 10. I have created a content pack for teachers and learners, covering algorithms. It consists of interactive PowerPoint presentations, videos, templates and tasks. I have included everything in a download in my shop. Here is […]
    Matthew Hains
  • NEW Excel posters for your classroom or lessons May 28, 2022
    I have redone all my Excel posters and added some new ones too! This set now has 55 Excel functions that your students can learn and use in their work. All posters are high-quality, printable up A3 and look great when laminated. Each poster has a function explanation, layout example, a screenshot example and a […]
    Matthew Hains
  • A different approach? Apr 8, 2022
    I thought I’d try something a little bit different in regards to a practical assessment. I wondered what it would be like to have my students choose what skills they would prefer to be assessed on, instead of me giving them specific instructions. I have yet to mark the results but I really wanted to […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Using the Flash Fill tool in Excel Mar 30, 2022
    Definitely a time saver and a neat feature called Flash Fill! In Excel, you can suggest a pattern and then use the Flash Fill tool to learn from that pattern and continue on down a column. See the video below how it works. The post Using the Flash Fill tool in Excel was published […]
    Matthew Hains
  • My Presentation at Schoolscape Premier (March 2022) Mar 13, 2022
    I had the privilege of being a speaker again at the Schoolscape Premier conference this year where I presented briefly on the application called Canva. It was a live stream while I was running on battery during load-shedding! Anyway, Canva is a fantastic application and the premium features are free for education. Canva will let […]
    Matthew Hains

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