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  • Let’s talk about Computer Applications Technology Jan 23, 2022
    Register here to be a part of an unofficial discussion on the present state of the subject of Computer Applications Technology in South Africa and where we, as teachers, believe the subject should be headed in the future. This will be an open discussion for all CAT, IT, ICT and related subject teachers to participate […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Welcome to Computer Applications Technology Jan 11, 2022
    For your new Grade 10 classes starting CAT this term, here is summarised version — from my “Why choose CAT?” presentation — of what Computer Applications Technology is about. It is to ensure that your students are aware of the journey that lies before them and what they will be learning. It is a PowerPoint […]
    Matthew Hains
  • The CAT Teacher’s Toolkit for 2022 Jan 9, 2022
    Welcome to 2022! If you are a new Computer Applications Technology teacher, welcome to the C.A.T. community! It is, indeed, a community of teachers like no other. If you are a more experienced teacher coming back to C.A.T., welcome back! If you are a C.A.T. teacher, starting another year in C.A.T., I hope this post […]
    Matthew Hains
  • CAT Grade 10 Digital Notebook update Dec 9, 2021
    For those who purchased the Grade 10 CAT notebook (called Trinity) this year, please contact me for a free upgrade download! For those who don’t know what the CAT Grade 10 Digital Notebook is, check out this page! The post CAT Grade 10 Digital Notebook update was published on Matthew Hains. Computer Applications Technology Teacher. […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Chatting with Dorian Love – The DigiTeacher Digest Oct 21, 2021
    I had the pleasure of having a good chat as one of Dorian Love’s guests on his new podcast The DigiTeacher Digest. Dorian has taken a really nice approach to discussing various views around education and technology. His relaxed nature and pleasant tone make it easy for anyone to talk to him. Below is the […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Introduction to ergonomics – some pics to generate discussion Sep 19, 2021
    I was thinking about how I was going to introduce ergonomics to my students. I had the definition and examples of ergonomically-designed devices and furniture…but something was still missing. I wanted to show them how a bad workspace impacts the human body. I remembered some ads I had seen before and a quick search online […]
    Matthew Hains

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