Trinity: Grade 10 CAT Digital Notebook

A complete C.A.T. curriculum in one digital notebook

  • Video lessons
  • Activities linked to each lesson
  • Resources
  • Solutions for all activities
  • Student section
  • All material cross-linked throughout the notebook
  • Tagged content for quick and easy searching
  • Can be used online or offline

121 videos, 134 lessons, 101 activities

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  • Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms for Invigilation Jun 13, 2021
    Having to move very quickly to online teaching again necessitated the need to continue running ‘school’ as ‘normally’ as possible, despite being online. This meant having to find a way to keep an eye on my students who were writing a test at home. I thought I could use the breakout rooms feature in MS […]
    Matthew Hains
  • An idea for marking in Microsoft Word Jun 10, 2021
    I like to use Microsoft Word documents in Microsoft Teams because my students can type straight onto the document, submit it and I can mark it. No printing, no PDF annotations, just direct marking on the document with very little hassle. I have tried out the Draw feature in Word and it works well for […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Styles and Multi-Level Lists for Exam Setting in MS Word May 29, 2021
    In an attempt to not use tables at all for the formatting of content, I have created a multi-level list along with styles so I can easily create exam-ready documents in Microsoft Word that automatically update as I create my questions. This is particularly important when it comes to questions and multi-level lists (the arch-enemy […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Another PowerPoint template – Advantage and Disadvantage Cards May 16, 2021
    Here is another template I made for teachers to use to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of a topic. It’s based on cards in a card pocket that slide up and down when clicked on. You can slide each card down by clicking on it (when it’s open). I hope you can use it. Below […]
    Matthew Hains
  • PowerPoint Slider template May 6, 2021
    Based on my previous idea of the carousel template. I thought about making it into a slider template that can be used as an interactive presentation tool instead. It’s easier to make than the carousel template too! Feel free to use it, edit it and make it your own!   Download the file here The […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Motherboard zoom-in May 2, 2021
    Here is an excerpt from one of my lessons on the Motherboard. Instead of just labelling the motherboard, I used PowerPoint, image cropping and the morph transition to create a zooming-in experience of a motherboard with colour-coded labels and outlines. Free copy to download. The post Motherboard zoom-in was published on Matthew Hains.
    Matthew Hains

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