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  • Chatting with Dorian Love – The DigiTeacher Digest Oct 21, 2021
    I had the pleasure of having a good chat as one of Dorian Love’s guests on his new podcast The DigiTeacher Digest. Dorian has taken a really nice approach to discussing various views around education and technology. His relaxed nature and pleasant tone make it easy for anyone to talk to him. Below is the […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Introduction to ergonomics – some pics to generate discussion Sep 19, 2021
    I was thinking about how I was going to introduce ergonomics to my students. I had the definition and examples of ergonomically-designed devices and furniture…but something was still missing. I wanted to show them how a bad workspace impacts the human body. I remembered some ads I had seen before and a quick search online […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Word of the Week – 100 words download bundle Sep 1, 2021
    Here it is! One hundred terms for Computer Applications Technology! Enjoy this complete 100-word bundle of printable “Word of the Week” posters from Michelle Meyer. Michelle has tirelessly and relentlessly pursued the task of creating a computer technology-related term poster for Computer Applications Technology teachers and students for every single week of the year. Not […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Using Minecraft as a Teaching Tool Aug 18, 2021
    I was asked to present at the Schoolscape IT conference (online) in August. My previous talk was earlier in the year where I showcased how I was using OneNote as a complete teaching tool. This time I chose to show how I had used Minecraft to create a computer component world where my students could […]
    Matthew Hains
  • What ICT skills should teachers have? Jul 26, 2021
    Technology has invaded almost every space in our society. Education is not exempt from this invasion. Technology is an enabler, an enhancer, a platform to do far more than what was possible even twenty years ago. As teachers, it is our responsibility to weave technological knowledge and skills into our teaching and also our own […]
    Matthew Hains
  • Exam Styles and Multi-Level Lists template for MS Word Jul 6, 2021
    In a previous post titled Styles and Multi-Level Lists for Exam Setting in MS Word, I made available a Word document I created where I edit lists and styles that I use often for the formatting of exam papers. I have updated this to include line styles for write-on papers for Theory. I have also […]
    Matthew Hains

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