1000 members!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just passed the 1000 members mark on our CAT & IT Teachers Facebook group!

This group started in 2012 with just a handful of teachers trying to share resources together and become better C.A.T. teachers.

And here we are, the blog – www.techteachers.co.za – and the group! I can testify to the fact that this group and the web site have become a well-known, popular and formidable force in the realm of education and Computer Applications Technology in South Africa! Subject advisors know us, educational professionals speak about us even at National levels.

So few other subjects have managed to accomplish what we have done so far together. We have demonstrated collaboration, sharing, support and advice-giving and brought to the forefront of our subject the value of community.

You can all be proud to be a part of such a group as this. Together we have achieved so much and we shall achieve so much more as we continue to share our resources, our stories, our input and (most importantly) our sense of humour which keeps us sane!

I, for one, am particularly grateful for the support I have received from so many of you in this group. I keep going because I have you all. You inspire me!

Thank you.


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